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5 Tips for Encouraging Conversion Events Through Email

This is part 3 of a 3 part series on Conversions (Setting Goals) For Email Marketing .

Here are some tips for getting more conversions with your email campaigns, no matter what the conversion event is.

  • Tell a Story — It’s difficult to underplay the power of storytelling in marketing. The simple truth is that humans love stories, all kinds of stories. To benefit your business the most, tell a story that resonates with your audience, relates directly to the desired conversion event of your email campaign, and inspires your subscribers to action. In fact, if you’re struggling to write copy for your email, telling a story is almost always a good way to go.

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  • Use Automated Campaigns — The truth is, you’re probably not going to remember to follow-up with hundreds of different interested buyers, re-engage people who haven’t clicked on your emails recently, or manually send different relevant content to different subscribers. That’s why the best email marketers create automated systems that do all of those things for them. Your job is to create high-converting systems that send the right content to the right subscribers at the right time. Automated campaigns are an absolute must for making that happen.
  • Create a Relevant Email & Landing Page Imagine that you click on an email because the subject line grabbed your attention. But then the email has nothing to do with the subject line. How do you feel? Tricked? Gipped? Annoyed? Frustrated? Yeah… try not to do that to your audience. And the same goes for the CTA within your email and the landing page that you send subscribers to. Your email CTA and where that CTA takes subscribers if they click on it should be relevant to one another and a natural progression. Click-bait headlines might get more clicks, but they won’t get many conversions.
  • Have an Irresistible Offer If you’re wanting people to take a big action, something that requires a lot of their time, money, or energy, then your offer (i.e. the benefit to the subscriber) must be downright irresistible. If it isn’t, then very few people are going to take time out of their day or money out of their pocket to do what you’re asking. Maybe you can offer a shockingly steep discount, or maybe you can offer a free giveaway entry for something highly desirable if a subscriber takes action, or maybe you can make the product you’re selling solve a pain so severe for your target market that they can’t resist buying from you. Whatever the case, your target market won’t convert until your offer is almost too good to be true (without trampling on a healthy perceived value, of course). Think of how successful infomercials are (but remove the cheesiness), “But wait! There’s more!”
  • Build Long-term Trust — This is the best piece of advice I can give you. You might make irresistible offers to your audience. You might automate your email campaigns, you might create relevant landing pages and CTAs, but if your subscribers don’t trust you, none of that is going to do any good. The relationship between you and your subscribers is the one and the only thing that will make them buy from you with confidence and excitement. This means that you should always put the relationship first. Even if it means losing a little money, energy, or time now, that relational investment will pay you big dividends in the future.

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