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    The strategy changes we made after taking the course have changed email from an afterthought to the main focus of our marketing efforts!

    Once you know the tactics the same things work time and time again

    Err... I can’t believe this course is free. I learned more about email marketing in two lessons than from $200+ paid courses.

    “But it’s 2024. Is it still really worth learning email marketing?“

    Okay, so run me through the course?

    Lesson 1

    An intro to email marketing

    Why email is the still the best marketing channel in 2024.

    Lesson 2

    How to grow an email list

    Tricks of the trade from someone who’s actually done it.

    Lesson 3

    The power of segmentation

    Real world situations where it pays to segment your list.

    Lesson 4

    What makes a good email

    Nail your subject lines, emailcopy, and call-to-actions.

    Lesson 5

    Getting people to click

    A / B testing, when to personalise and scheduled sending.

    Lesson 6 + 7

    The metrics

    We share the fundamentals as well as a few lesser-known gems.

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    “Thank you for putting this together. As a founder trying to grow an email list this course was a godsend!” — Kishan Adoni