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Email Marketing Campaign Ideas - April 2024

April is full of opportunities to have fun with your email list, generate some additional revenue, and promote awareness about causes that are important to your subscribers and your brand. 

Here are 3 email marketing ideas for April.

1. April Fool’s Day Trickery

April Fool’s Day (on April 1st) kicks the month off as an opportunity to have some fun with your subscribers. Historically, April Fool’s Day has been host to the most hilarious and creative email marketing campaigns, like this gimmick from Pop Tarts. 

Goal Of The Email — The goal of this email is to have fun with your subscribers, show some behind-the-scenes personality, and increase brand awareness. You can fake-launch a gimmicky product or service, do a hilarious rebrand of your website, or change your slogan to something ridiculous. If you make your followers laugh and share, that’s a bonus. 

Segment — You can send this to your entire list.

Subject Line Ideas

  1. New product launch!
  2. Check out our new branding 😎 
  3. Our new slogan is WOKE. 

Copy Example

We’re excited to officially announce our newest service offering: Email Mastery Done-By-You

In this service, you pay us to create your own email campaigns. 

And the best part is, we’re offering absolutely no risk reversal on this one-time, super limited, urgency-and-scarcity-heavy offer. 

You pay us, you do all the work, we all win. 

Sound good? 

Learn more about this very limited and exclusive and special service over here!

2. Easter Day Sale

Easter (on April 4th) means different things for different families. For some, it’s a religious day. For others, it’s about the easter bunny. For almost everyone, it’s a time to get together and celebrate the value of family and friends. 

In the generous spirit of this holiday, it’s fitting for your business to offer a limited-time discount or flash sale on your services. 

Goal Of The Email — The goal of this email is to generate some revenue around Easter by offering a special discount on your products or services.

Segment — You can send this to people who haven’t purchased from you before or to people who you want to make into repeat customers. 

Subject Line Ideas

  1. Eggstra discounts TODAY
  2. Bet you didn’t find THIS egg yet
  3. Get 20% inside TODAY ONLY

Copy Example

Happy Easter!

Today, we’re offering 10% off select items in our store! It’s like an Easter egg hunt, except our stuff is somewhat more valuable than jelly beans 😉

Go hunting while you still can!

3. Earth Day Generosity

Earth Day (on April 22nd) is a great day to show your company’s charitable, mission-driven side. There are a few different ways you can take this email depending on your business. You could talk about different ways your company is helping to sustain the environment, you could make a new commitment to contributing a certain amount of revenue to renewable energy, or you could encourage your subscribers to donate to a specific environmental non-profit organization and promise to match their contributions. 

Goal Of The Email — The goal of this email is to show your company’s mission-driven side, inspiring similar support and commitment from your followers. If you want to drive revenue with this campaign, then you could tell people that, in celebration of Earth Day, you’re going to donate a % of all proceeds from purchases that come through within the next 48 hours. 

Segment — This can go to people who have opened or clicked within the last 180 days.

Subject Line Ideas

  1. Better Earth, Better Us
  2. Let’s clean the Earth… together
  3. It’s time to make a difference

Copy Example

Today is Earth Day. And to celebrate, for the next 48 hours, we’re going to donate 10% of all proceeds to environmental non-profits that are keeper our planet clean. 

Been eyeing something in our store? 

Now is the time to go get it!

Final Thoughts

April should be a great month for email marketers to engage with their audiences. You can use the three ideas above and pull inspiration from our subject lines and copy as well. 

Other ideas you might consider are celebrating World Health Day (April 7th), National Gardening Day (April 14th), or discussing Tax Day (April 15th). 

Good luck!

We’ll be back with more suggestions in May!

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