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Email Marketing Campaign Ideas - December 2024

What emails are you going to send in December? 

We’ve got some ideas — including Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and sending out gift ideas! 

Keep reading to get the details. 

We also provide segment, subject line, and copy recommendations!

1. Gift Ideas

Unsurprisingly, the average American household spends $1,500 during the Christmas holiday season — most of which is spent on gifts. 

But we all know that getting gifts is easier than coming up with gift ideas. So your subscribers will thank you if you send them an email with awesome gift ideas (and maybe some discounts?) for their loved ones during the Christmas season.

You can send an email with gift ideas at the beginning and middle of December, and maybe even on Christmas Eve — 51% of people don’t buy gifts until the night before Christmas (*cringe*). 

Here’s what that might look like…

Goal Of The Email — To make $$$. 

Segment — This can go to your entire email list. 

Subject Line Ideas

  1. Gift Ideas!
  2. Need Gift Ideas? Here are 10!
  3. 10 Gift Ideas W/ 50% Discount!

Copy Example

Need gift ideas for Christmas? 

We’ve got 10!

And they come with a 20% discount 😎

2. Merry Christmas

December 25th is the biggest holiday of the year in the U.S. — and it merits an email. 

But be careful. People are spending time with their families on Christmas and the last thing they’ll be thinking about is you, your business, or your special offers. 

They’re just enjoying the holidays. 

So your only goal here is to drop by their inbox and wish them a Merry Christmas. 

Here’s what that looks like…

Goal Of The Email — The only goal of this email is to wish your audience a Merry Christmas

SegmentThis can go to your entire email list. 

Subject Line Ideas

  1. Merry Christmas!
  2. Happy Holidays!
  3. It’s The Best Day Of The Year!

Copy Example

Merry Christmas!

We hope the fire is warm, the tree is glistening, and the ham is delicious. 

3. New Year’s Eve

The day before January 1st is an exciting day — it’s full of parties that last until midnight when the ball drops. 

And it’s also a good opportunity to offer some post-Christmas discounts on your products… especially if you offer something related to people’s new year’s resolutions. 

Here’s an example… 

Goal Of The Email — The goal of this email is to make some sales with a special New Year’s Eve discount. 

Segment — This can go to everyone on your list

Subject Line Ideas

  1. Happy New Year’s Eve!
  2. Discounts Incoming!
  3. When the ball drops, this sale stops!

Copy Example

What better time to buy some new kicks than right before we enter into the new year? 

New year… new YOU. 

And the new YOU is looking fly as hell — for 20% less!

Check out the sale!

Final Thoughts

Sending gift ideas, Christmas e-cards, and New Year’s Eve discounts are great ways to connect with your subscribers and make some additional sales in December.

Feel free to modify the ideas, subject lines, and copy suggestions to fit your brand. 

And have a happy December!

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