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Email Marketing Campaign Ideas - June 2021

June is full of email marketing opportunities. This month, we recommend having some fun on Father’s Day, launching a summer time promotion, and encouraging your subscribers to run a six-month review.

We’ll also give you some subject, segment, and copy ideas. Details below!

1. Father’s Day Fun

Father’s Day (on June 20th) is a great opportunity for your brand to express gratitude to fathers for their contributions to their children and to host a sale geared toward fathers that drives revenue. If you’re selling something that dads might be interested in, then run a gift promotion. If you don’t sell something that dads are interested in, then it’s still a great time to express your gratitude toward fathers in general with a thoughtful email. 

Goal Of The Email — The goal of this email is twofold. First, to express your brand’s gratitude toward fathers. And second, to drive revenue via a Father’s Day gift promotion.

Segment — This can be sent to your entire list. Or, if you’re doing a gift promotion, then you might consider sending only to women. 

Subject Line Ideas

  1. Father’s Day Fun!
  2. 20% off for Father’s Day!
  3. Thanks, Dad

Copy Example

Everyone knows how important Moms are.

But sometimes, we forget about how much work goes into being a dad — whether that means supporting the family financially, staying home with the kids, or even just being a source of love and solidarity. 

To all the dads who are doing their very best…

Thank you. 

And to put our money where our mouth is, you can get 20% off select items until the end of the day — go get ‘em!

2. Summer Promotion

As the temperature heats up, many people change their wardrobes. For clothing stores, that’s a great opportunity to promote shorts, sunglasses, flip flops, t-shirts, dresses, and swimsuits. That’s what this email idea is about. If sales pick up for your company in the summer, then June is the time to launch a promotion!

Note: You might not immediately think that summer is an important time for your business… but think again. Are there any industry trends that rise or fall during the summer time? Trends that your subscribers should be aware of or prepare for? You might send an email addressing that. 

Goal Of The Email — The goal of this email is to use the onset of summer (and all of the changes it brings for your subscribers) as an opportunity to promote your products and services. Figure out what trends occur in your industry during the summer time and how you can serve your subscribers accordingly. 

Segment — This can go to your entire list. Or if you’d prefer, it can go to people who are only impacted by the summer trend you’ll be addressing. 

Subject Line Ideas

  1. Summer challenges
  2. Ready for the HEAT?
  3. Dig your well before you’re thirsty!

Copy Example

It’s summer time!

That means the weather is heating up… but so too is the opportunity in your real estate market. More homes are bought and sold in summer than any other season — are you prepared to do as many deals as possible in the coming months? 

Get a free trial of our software now and dive into summer real estate deals with a bang!

3. Six-Month Review

June is the sixth month of the year, marking the half-way point between January and December. This is a great opportunity to encourage your subscribers to reflect on the first half of the year and to goal-set for the second half. 

Goal Of The Email — The goal of this email is to encourage your subscribers to reflect on the first half of 2021 and to goal-set for the second half. This very well might include a CTA to your products or services. 

Segment — This should be sent primarily to people who haven’t signed up for your service. 

Subject Line Ideas

  1. OHHHohhh, we’re halfway there…
  2. 2021 / 2 = right now
  3. Ready for Q3?

Copy Example

We’re halfway through 2021. 

It’s a great time to reflect on the things you’ve accomplished the first half of this year and to goal-set for the second half. 

Are you ready to grow into the following 6 months? Is your business ready to grow? 

If you are, try us out free for 14 days over here. 

And then we can grow together!

Final Thoughts

As we enter into the summer months, you can run a promotion about summer-time trends and Father’s Day. You can also encourage your subscribers to take stock of the first half of this year, set goals for the second half, and sign up for your service as a way to grow. Other holidays you might consider talking about in June are International Picnic Day (June 18th), International Yoga Day (June 21st), or National Best Friends Day (June 8th). 

We’ll see you in July with more email marketing ideas!

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