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Conversions (Setting Goals) For Email Marketing

This is part 1 of a 3 part series on Conversions (Setting Goals) For Email Marketing .

What is a conversion in email? 

Typically, a conversion refers to whenever someone buys; they visit your product page, click “buy now”, and pay you money. But in email marketing, conversion can refer to a whole multitude of different events. Really, an email that converts might just mean that subscribers downloaded your free resource, or signed up for a free trial, or filled out a survey, or maybe it does mean that they bought and paid you money. Ultimately, a conversion event is different with each email. The end goal of the individual email campaign: that is a conversion. 

Why is a conversion important? 

A conversion in email marketing (or rather, your conversion rate) is important because you’re sending emails with a goal (or, at least, you should be). If your email campaigns don’t accomplish the goal for which you sent them, then they have failed. Getting subscribers to convert (the conversion event changes with each email campaign) is the entire reason for sending an email marketing campaign, making it the most important metric to track. 

Here’s a helpful guide for setting goals for your email marketing campaigns.

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