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Data-Driven Email Marketing Tools

This is part 3 of a 3 part series on Data-Driven Email Marketing .

Here are some data-driven email marketing tools which will support your efforts.

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) — The most all-inclusive tool that you can use to create a data-driven marketing strategy are CDPs. These platforms allow you to combine data from multiple places, manage customer profiles, and enrich that data for practical application. While an ESP (the next item on this list) allows you to track and enrich data for your email marketing strategy alone, CDPs allow you to combine and execute on data from every marketing platform you use.

Here are a few of our favorite CDPs…

Email Service Provider (ESP) — This is a basic necessity for every email marketing strategy. In terms of data-driven email marketing, most high-quality ESPs will track mission-critical metrics for you, report those metrics, and even allow you to do some A/B testing with your email campaigns. If you’re new to email marketing and have a relatively small list, then you might opt to use just an ESP for your data-driven email marketing strategy for now (without a CDP).

Here are a few of our favorite ESPs…

Landing Page Analyzer — Even though we’re discussing data-driven email marketing, don’t make the mistake of ignoring data from places other than your email marketing metrics. Your email marketing strategy will only be as effective as the data you collect and where you pull that data from. One such data-type that you shouldn’t ignore is the landing page that people click to in your email and how they engage with that page. How long do they spend on it? What do they look at? Where do they click? The place that you send people with your emails is in a symbiotic relationship with your email itself and you must take each landing page (i.e. where people land after clicking the link in your email) into account to ensure there’s consistency and clarity between the two.

Here are a few of our favorite landing page analyzers…

Survey Creator — Sending your email list surveys to learn about who they are, what they love, and what they don’t love isn’t just easy, it’s powerful. It doesn’t take much time to create, send, and track responses for a survey, but the data you gather is disproportionately powerful for boosting the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts. The more you learn about your audience, the better. And sometimes, the best way to learn is simply by asking.

Here are a few of our favorite survey creator tools…

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