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Email Analytics & Metrics

This is part 1 of a 3 part series on Email Analytics & Metrics .

What are email analytics and metrics?

Email marketing metrics and analytics refer to the data behind a given email marketing campaign and your email marketing efforts as a whole. That data includes subscriber behavioral tendencies like open rate and click-through rate, correlations between email marketing actions and subscriber response to those actions, and other email-related metrics.

Why is tracking email analytics and metrics important?

Email marketing without data is like trying to drive a car without a steering wheel — you can start and stop, but you’re probably gonna head in the wrong direction. Data is king when it comes to determining the next step in your email marketing efforts. In fact, each campaign you launch or email you send should be backed by data that supports the decision or it should be sent in an effort to extract useful data from your email list.

The more that you know about your audience, what they want, who they are, and how they interact with your emails, the better you’ll be able to market to them in the future. This is true for beginners and experts alike: you must understand who you’re marketing to before you do so successfully. Email analytics and metrics allow you to understand more about your audience and about how they’re responding to your email campaigns.

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