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Email Marketing Automation

This is part 1 of a 3 part series on Email Marketing Automation .

What is email automation?

Email automation is building out drip sequences, triggered emails, and behavioral emails to send without you clicking the send button. You simply create an email or set of emails once and then specify when or why you want those emails to send to a subscriber. From there, the software — sometimes an ESP — does the rest. You only need to revisit email automations when you want to alter something or make a change to a sequence that you’ve already created.

Why is email automation important?

Email automation is important because, as an email marketer, you have to send thousands of emails every single day. And you also have to try and send emails that resonate with each subscriber. That would take a lot of leg-work if it weren’t for software which allows you to trigger and automate emails and then step away. Automation is invaluable because it allows you to easily segment your list, send relevant content to each person, re-engage uninterested subscribers, save lost sales (abandoned cart emails), and tons more, all without monitoring or sending anything manually.

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