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Helpful Email Onboarding Tools

This is part 3 of a 3 part series on Onboarding New Email Subscribers .

Here are some tools you might consider using when creating your new subscriber onboarding experience.

  • ESP (Email Service Provider) — This is the bread and butter of any email marketing strategy. Before you can send emails en masse to a large audience, you need an ESP which allows you to do so without bouncing emails or getting your IP address blacklisted. But that isn’t all an ESP is good for. Most ESPs will also allow you to create different segmentations, track critical metrics, and automate your new subscriber onboarding sequences. Here are a few of our favorite ESPs.
  • Mindmap Builder — When mapping out your new subscriber onboarding experiences, it doesn’t take long for the entire picture to get muddy. It can be hard to visualize how each email sequence to each different cohort is going to play a part in the bigger picture when you’re scratching notes on a whiteboard. Which is why we recommend trying out the three mindmap builders below. They will help you map out the entire onboarding experience so you can conceptualize it from a higher level.
  • Survey Creator — If you decide to use a survey to warm up new subscribers during the onboarding experience and to learn more about the people who sign up for your list, you could, of course, just ask them to reply to your email. The only problem with that is that it’ll be difficult to look at the results holistically. So if you want to collect survey answers in a single, cleaner location, then consider using one of the survey builders below.

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