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Offline Email Lead Generation

This is part 5 of a 6 part series on Lead Generation: Capturing Email Addresses .

What is an offline lead generation?

Offline lead generation refers to any leads that you generate from offline sources. Someone might, for instance, look at your business card which prompts them to visit your website. Upon visiting your website, then, the person might opt-in to your email list and become a lead. That is one example of an offline lead generation.

But there are others. Here are a few more examples.

  • Business Cards This is one of the oldest marketing tools in the book, but it can still be effective. The best part about business cards is that they stick around — people toss them on their desk at work or on their kitchen table or on their nightstand to be discovered a few weeks later, reminding them of your business and what you offer. If you put your website on that business card, then that’s a great way to generate additional leads and even increase your brand awareness.
  • P.O.S. When someone purchases an item in-store, that represents a great opportunity to add a subscriber to your email list — someone who’s already proven their interest in your products. In fact, if you’re not collecting email addresses in-store at the counter, then you’re missing out on a ton of upselling potential. Remember, selling to old customers is far easier (and less expensive) then selling to new customers.
  • Direct Mail While email and messaging platforms allow you to immediately communicate with your prospects and customers, direct mail is a bit slower, but also somewhat romanticized in today’s world. It’s a more personal way to communicate with your audience. And by sending direct mail to your ideal market and putting an opt-in opportunity on the direct mailer, you can collect leads for your email list.
  • Product Branding — If you sell physical products, then you have an opportunity to generate leads and build brand awareness that other SaaS companies don’t. You can brand your actual products with your business info. Maybe you just put your company logo on the product, or maybe you include a website as well. Whatever the case, by branding products that you’ve sold and shipped, you can generate brand awareness and leads all at the same time.

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