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Paid Advertising

This is part 2 of a 6 part series on Lead Generation: Capturing Email Addresses .

What is paid advertising?

Often, paid advertising refers to advertising your products on Facebook or AdWords or on some other platform and trying to sell those products. But since we’re talking about lead generation, paid advertising is a bit different. As it refers to generating leads, paid advertising can be used as a top-of-funnel strategy to promote a cheap or free lead magnet in return for a person’s email address.

Sometimes, a paid advertisement will sell a lead magnet for a heavily discounted price to increase perceived value of the item offered, and thus conversion rate. Or sometimes, the ad will drive people to a gated piece of content that requires the visitor to sign up for the website’s email list.

However it’s done, there are several different types of paid advertisements. Here are a few.

Which advertising platform is best for your business?

It’s important to recognize that different advertising platforms work better or worse for different businesses. You must first determine where your ideal market is already hanging out and then market to them there. If they are on Reddit, then run Reddit ads. If they are on Facebook, then run Facebook ads. And if you don’t know where your ideal market is, here’s a guide that will help you find them.

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