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Types of Campaigns: Manual

This is part 3 of a 3 part series on Types of Email Campaigns .

What are manual email campaigns?

Manual email campaigns refer to emails which you send to your audience one at a time — that is, they aren’t triggered by some subscriber interest or behavior but are instead, crafted, assigned to a list or segment, and scheduled manually.

While manual campaigns take more time to create and send (the majority of your emails should probably be automated), they still have several valuable applications. Here are a few different types.

  • Marketing — The majority of your marketing emails should be thought-out beforehand and scheduled as part of a greater funnel. Still, sometimes you’ll have an idea for a marketing email or want to adopt an already-existing sequence. When that happens, you can send a manual email to your audience on the cuff. And if it’s an email you’d like to include in future campaigns, automate it.
  • Broadcasts — An email broadcast is when you send or schedule a manual email to a portion of your list (or all of your list). Broadcasts are useful for sending your audience surveys, a daily or weekly newsletter, asking for feedback, or updating your subscribers with new information. Below is an example of a weekly newsletter broadcast.

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  • Updates — Sometimes, you’ll notice a mistake with one of your email campaigns (manual or automatic). Maybe there was an embarrassing typo, maybe the price was wrong, or maybe you forgot to include the appropriate link. Whatever the case, you can send a manual email to your audience to update them with the correct information. Similarly, you can use manual emails to update your audience with special offers, flash sales, and even your emailing habits (i.e. “Hey! I’m going to start email daily instead of weekly…”). Below is an example of an update email.

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