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Types of Email Campaigns

This is part 1 of a 3 part series on Types of Email Campaigns .

What is an email campaign?

Put simply, an email campaign is a set of individual emails (or sometimes just a single email) which are deployed with a single cohesive goal in mind. Regardless of how many emails are included within an email campaign, the defining factor is that the entire campaign, while often composed of multiple emails, is focussed on a single goal. Examples of what that goal might include encouraging engagement, increasing conversion rate, decreasing churn, and building a better subscriber-business relationship.

There are many different types of email campaigns that can be used to achieve different results and accomplish different business goals.

Why are different kinds of email campaigns important?

Understanding the different kinds of email campaigns available to you is important so that you can be more effective with your time (through automation), get better results, and connect with your audience in more meaningful ways.

Imagine, for example, that every day, you sent each subscriber the same email for a year with the same subject line, the same copy, and the same CTA. Ridiculous, right? Well, using only one type of email campaign for your subscribers is equally ridiculous. Automated campaigns can save you tons of time, triggered campaigns can increase your conversion rate, and automated drip sequences can build long-term relationships with your audience. That is why understanding and utilizing different types of email campaigns is important — because each campaign can help achieve a different goal for your business if used correctly.

When thinking of different types of email campaigns, there are two buckets that we can use: automated and manual. The next sections will walk through each.

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