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Understanding The Email Engagement Funnel

This is part 3 of a 4 part series on Email Engagement .

What is the email engagement funnel?

You may have sent an email to your list, but did your subscribers receive it? They may have received it, but did they open it? They may have opened it, but did they click? Did they then purchase or take the intended action that you wanted them to take after clicking the CTA within your email?

That is how the email engagement funnel works — from sent to converted, the funnel is an email marketing tool which traces the subscriber’s engagement and experience.










Why is the email engagement funnel important?

The primary goal of tracking any email marketing metric is to learn, iterate, and improve upon a previous benchmark. Without the ability to track critical metrics, and track them correctly, making those improvements is near impossible. And tracking those metrics isn’t enough, you must also understand them. That is what the email engagement funnel helps with.

By understanding the above order of events, you can pinpoint the real issue behind troubling metrics and work to improve those stats. If you have a deliverability issue, then you’ll likely have a low open and click-through rate as well, but the deliverability is the crux of the problem. Fix your deliverability rate first and then move down the funnel. The same goes for any email metric issue you might be experiencing: start by fixing problems at the top of the funnel and work down from there.

Here’s a detailed overview:

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