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Email Marketing Campaign Ideas - August 2024

August has multiple holidays celebrating women — including National Sister’s Day, National Women’s Day, National Girlfriend Day, and Women’s Equality Day. Those give you opportunities to engage with the female portion of your email list. 

We also recommend creating an email course or quiz to generate leads (it’s worked really well for us at Email Mastery!). 

Here are the details. 

1. National Sister’s Day

National Sister’s Day is on August 1st. It’s a great opportunity for you to engage with the people on your list who have sisters. You could encourage your existing customers to purchase a gift card for their sister or give their sister a free exclusive trial of your service. Or you could do something like Ann Taylor did below and offer a discount for multiple “sister” brands. 

Goal Of The Email — The goal of this email is to offer a discount or exciting promotion that gets your existing customers to refer their sisters to your brand.

Segment — If you’re just doing a general discount for all your subscribers, then you can send it to your entire list. If you’re encouraging referrals or gift card purchases, then send them to your existing customers. 

Subject Line Ideas

  1. Sista’
  2. 20% OFF for your sis
  3. Happy Sister’s Day!

Copy Example

Today is International Sister’s Day! 

To celebrate, we’re offering 20% off all day long to those of you who have sisters — how do we know if you have a sister? 

Well, you’ve got to purchase two items to get a discount! One for you and one for her!

Hurry before the sale is gone!

2. National Women’s Day

National Women’s Day is on August 9th and it’s a celebration of women’s contribution to our society and culture. More specifically, it commemorates the 1956 march of approximately 20,000 women fighting for the rights of African Americans. This is a chance for your brand to show its appreciation and respect for women and also drive some revenue via a sale. 

Goal Of The Email — The goal of this email is to celebrate women and to drive revenue by offering only women a special discount on your products or services. 

Segment — Only send this email to the women on your email list.  

Subject Line Ideas

  1. No men received this email. 
  3. 20% OFF for the ladies

Copy Example

Today, we’re celebrating the ladies — because it’s International Women’s Day. 

In fact, we didn’t even SEND this email to the men. 

Just you 😉

Today only, you can get 10% off in our store by using the code below. 

3. Create Email Course or Quiz

Quizzes and courses are great ways to generate leads and grow your list. At Email Mastery, for instance, we have a free email course that teaches people to master email marketing in 7 days… and it’s generated a TON of leads for us. On the B2C side of things, quizzes might be more appealing than courses — consider Warby Parker’s eyeglasses quiz.

Goal Of The Course or Quiz— The goal of creating a quiz or course is to generate leads. You can run advertisements for your quiz or course, drive traffic via your website, or even promote it through niche influencers. 

Segment — It is possible to create segments for your email list based on the answers people give to your quiz, but don’t worry about doing that if it feels overwhelming. As for creating a course, you might create segments based on which people took which quizzes (if you have multiple) but again, don’t worry about that if it seems like too much work. 

Course/Quiz Topic Ideas — Here are some questions to ask yourself to figure out what type of quiz or course might be appealing to your target market…

  1. What is the most urgent concern that your target market has and could you create a free course to help them with that? 
  2. What topic interests your target market and could you create a quiz that appeals to that interest? 

Check out our article over here for a full breakdown of how to build email marketing quiz funnels.

Final Thoughts

Whenever you can niche down your emails to serve a specific portion of your list, you’re usually going to get better results. “The riches are in the niches”, as has been said. 

And August is a great month to engage with and market to the women on your email list. It’s also a great month to create an email course or quiz for lead-gen. 

Good luck and we’ll see you in September with more ideas!

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