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Email Marketing Campaign Ideas - September 2023

This month we’re recommending a Labor Day (6th) promotion to celebrate American workers, and having some fun with your subscribers on Batman Day (18th) and/or Coffee Day (29th).

We’ve included the subject line, segmentation, and copy examples and recommendations. 

Here you go!

1. Labor Day 

Labor Day (on September 6th) is a great day to celebrate your subscribers and how hard they work by offering them something special — say, 20% off their purchases all day long. 

Goal Of The Email — The goal of this email is to drive revenue by offering a Labor Day promotion. 

Segment — You can send this to everyone on your email list who lives in the U.S.

Subject Line Ideas

  1. Time for a break
  2. Your well-deserved reward [INSIDE]
  3. 20% off all day (just today)

Copy Example

You work hard. Every day.

365 days a year. There you are. Working to build an awesome life. Working on your attitude. And your health. And your finances. And the well-being of your family.

You’re awesome. 

We figured it’s only right — heck, it’s DESERVED — that we give you 20% off everything in our store… all day long. 

Go get ‘em, tiger.  

2. Batman Day 

You don’t have to sell comic books to have some fun on Batman Day (18th) with your subscribers — it’s a good opportunity to build a relationship with your audience and maybe even make some additional sales. 

There’s a lot you could do. 

You could simply offer a discount for the day with a special code, you could reward your subscribers if they reply with their favorite batman movie, or you could create a fun and free batman quiz to increase engagement. 

Goal Of The Email — The goal of this email is to have fun with your most active subscribers. Maybe you quiz them on their batman knowledge or reward them for replying with their favorite batman movie. 

Segment — This can be sent to anyone who has opened or clicked in the last 30 days.

Subject Line Ideas

  1. Batman trivia
  2. Your favorite batman
  3. “I’m Batman”

Copy Example

What’s your favorite Batman quote? 

Ours is…

“Maybe that’s what Batman is about. Not winning. But failing, and getting back up. Knowing he’ll fail, fail a thousand times, but still won’t give up.”

Look. We’re nerds. 

And you might not know it…

But today is Batman Day. 

So if you email us back and tell us what your favorite Batman quote is — and if it’s ACTUALLY a quote from Batman…

Then we’ll give you 10% off everything we sell until the end of the day. 

Because sometimes…

The world needs a hero. 

3. Coffee Day 

Coffee is one of the most loved beverages on this planet. And you don’t have to sell coffee to cel-ebrate coffee — it’s a great way to engage with your subscribers!

Share your favorite brews, offer coffee gift cards with every purchase, and/or create a coffee quiz to find out how well people know their beans. 

Goal Of The Email — The goal of this email is to have fun with your subscribers and make some sales. One great idea is to offer coffee gift cards for every purchase over a certain threshold. 

Segment — You can send this to anyone who has opened or clicked in the last 90 days.

Subject Line Ideas

  1. Crazy for Coffee
  2. Got coffee? 
  3. Would you like some coffee with your [product/service]?

Copy Example

We’d be lying if we said that anything we did here at our business is because of something other than the brown water we drink every morning. 

It keeps us awake. It keeps us working. It keeps us happy. 

So yeah – we like coffee we’d say. 

And we’re assuming that you like coffee, too (sorry if you don’t). 

In fact… 

Today is National Coffee Day. 

Cool, right? 

And until the clock strikes midnight, we’re giving away coffee gift cards with every purchase over $50… because we know the world might stop spinning if people don’t get their beans. 


We’re not doing it for you. 

It’s a public service. 

Go get your [products/service] and coffee before the world stops spinning. 

Final Thoughts

There you have it!

Make some sales and have some fun — what’s better than that? 

You might also consider leveraging American Chess Day (1st), International Day of Charity (5th), or International Day of Democracy (15th), depending on your industry. 

We’ll be back with more ideas next month!

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