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Email Marketing Campaign Ideas - February 2024

February comes shortly after the holidays and, although often overshadowed by its older siblings November and December, is still a great month to connect with your email list. 

In fact, we think it’s got some of the most fun obscure holidays of the year, such as No Politics Day, Groundhog Day, and Random Acts of Kindness Day. 

Those make for some great email marketing inspiration!

Below, we’ll give you subject, segmentation, and copy ideas for each of those days. 

1. No Politics Day Fun Email

No Politics Day is officially on February 20th and it’s a great day to… well, not talk about politics. It’s also a great day, given the holiday’s cheeky nature, to have some fun with your email list — whether you’re sarcastic or sincere is up to you!

Goal Of The Email — The goal is to have fun with your subscribers and promote engagement. You can create a silly political quiz for people to take, ask people to reply with a statement that is the opposite of their political beliefs, or simply provide a sincere reminder that we’re all connected regardless of our red-or-blue preferences. 

Segment — This can go to your entire list. But the people who might be most interested are those above 20 years old. 

Subject Line Ideas

  1. Happy No Politics Day!
  2. The Red & The Blue Take a Break
  3. Happy Day Of Rest

Copy Example

The holidays are a beautiful time. 

Great food, gifts, and time with family. 

But not all the conversions are as good as Aunt Mabelle’s mashed potatoes… if there’s one thing that isn’t fun about the holidays (and yet is inevitable)… it’s talking about politics. 

Despite common sense, we all have one person in the family who loves to strike up a conversation about politics right when someone starts slicing the ham. 

That’s what makes today special. 

Today is No Politics Day — which means we’re not allowed to talk about politics… or, as we interpret it, if you DO it has to be cheeky and sarcastic. So for fun, we created a quiz to help you determine which runner-up president you’re most like. 

Have fun. 

2. Groundhog Day Flash Sale

Groundhog Day is on February 2nd and represents the following tradition: if the groundhog comes out and is frightened by his shadow, scurrying back into his cave, it means there will be 6 more weeks of cold winter. If he stays out and doesn’t see his shadow, then we’ve got warm days ahead. You can use this as a fun metaphor to do a sale or you can even reference the popular Bill Murray film, Groundhog Day.

Goal Of The Email — To have some fun and give yourself an excuse to do a flash sale. 

Segment — Can go to your entire list but should definitely go to your most engaged subscribers. 

Subject Line Ideas

  1. Flash Sale!
  2. Does Today Feel Funny? 
  3. The Groundhog Saw His Shadow!

Copy Example

The groundhog tramped out of his cave, saw his shadow, and scurried back into his hidey-hole. That’s the bad news. 

Six more weeks of winter incoming!

The good news is that we’re feeling generous and so, for today only (but who knows how long it’ll last…) we’re giving 15% off everything in our store. 

Go check it out!

3. Random Acts of Kindness Day

Random Acts of Kindness Day is on February 17th and is a great day to do a random act of kindness for your email list and/or encourage them to do something for someone else. 

A great example of this would be providing free value or giving them a big discount on one of your most popular products. We think, though, giving them something for free is great… because it creates goodwill and fosters your relationship with your subscribers. 

Goal Of The Email — To bond with your subscribers and create goodwill. 

Segment — This should go to your entire email list. 

Subject Line Ideas

  1. Free Gift For You!
  2. Pay It Forward
  3. Our Random Act of Kindness

Copy Example

Do you know what day it is? 

It’s one of our favorite days — one that we think there should be multiple celebrations around every year… It’s Random Acts of Kindness Day. 

And in the spirit of being kind, we’re giving you a ton of freebies today, as well as 50% off our most popular product. 

Go check out the details over here!

And pay it forward when you have a chance 🙂 

Final Thoughts

Although overshadowed by the holidays, February is a great month to have some fun with your subscribers, get them engaged with your emails, and even have a flash sale or two. 

Hopefully you now have some ideas for how to make the most of February when it comes to your email marketing efforts. 

Good luck!

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