Purchases (Conversions) Per Record

This is part 4 of a 4 part series on The Value of an Email Address .

What is Purchases (Conversions) Per Record

Purchases (conversions) per record (or conversions per email address) is an email marketing metric that determines the average number of conversions that a subscriber on a company’s email list makes during a given period of time. Once known, this metric can give a business the information it needs to improve how many products its email list is buying. An important distinction, though, to keep in mind is between “purchases” and “conversions”. This metric does not always need to strictly track purchases, but can track any conversion event that is relevant to the company’s data needs.

Purchases per record can be calculated using the following formula for a set period of time:

Purchases Per Record = Number of Products Purchased/Number of Subscribers

For example…

.2 Purchases Per Record = 1,000/5,000

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