The Ultimate Guide to Email Segmentation
7 chapters

Split Your List, Delight Your Audience and Increase Your Revenue

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7 chapters
Introduction 2 min

3, 2, 1, launch! Your audience receives one of your email campaigns. Like all emails you send, you painstakingly wrote, read, and re-wrote every word of copy within that email. You did everything you could to optimize the subject line, CTA, image, and design. Then, at some point, you hit...

Chapter 1: What is email segmentation? 5 min

Put simply, email segmentation is splitting your list into groups for the purpose of improving engagement and conversions. Because the fact is, not all of your subscribers are the same. Some people joined your email list, for example, because they're interested in this product (wine) ...

Chapter 2: 12 Useful Ways To Segment Your Email List 11 min

Based on the last chapter, you know how powerful email segmentation is, you know that it can increase engagement and generate more revenue for your business. You know that it can delight your subscribers and improve retention. What's not to like? Segmentation and cohorts are immensely power...

Chapter 3: The Nitty-Gritty How-To Of Email Segmenta... 7 min

You understand why segmentation is important (because it delights customers and increases email marketing performance). You also are familiar with some of the most common email segments that marketers use to enhance the relationship with their subscribers. Now we turn our attention to the nitt...

Chapter 4: 6 Email Segmentation Best Practices 8 min

You're not far from having an entire email segmentation strategy which will delight your customers and drive business revenue. We've walked through what email segmentation is and why it's important, some popular and useful segments, and we've even shown you the nitty-gritty details of creating...

Chapter 5: 4 Email Segmentation Tools For Increasing... 3 min

The easier your segmentation strategy is to create and maintain, the better. As we discussed earlier, you need to compare the realistic expected results of the segmentation strategy you've mapped out with how easy it will be to create and maintain. Then you need to compare the demands of yo...

Wrapping Up: Time To Segment! 1 min

Whew! You made it. ;-) We've walked through five big beefy chapters, explaining segmentation, the most popular and effective segments, the nitty-gritty how-to of a segmentation strategy, segmentation best practices, and the tools you can use to make everything run smooth. The only thing ...