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The Amy Porterfield Teardown [Condensed]

We recently published our full teardown of Amy Porterfield’s email marketing over at LearnWorlds. 

Amy Porterfield is the creator and host of the Online Marketing Made Easy podcast (which has 3,500 reviews and 4.9 out of 5 stars on Apple). 

She’s also the creator of best-selling marketing courses, List Builders Society (17,000+ students) and Digital Course Academy (16,000+ students).

Here’s the condensed version of that teardown. 

And here’s an overview of her entire email sequence… 

Lead Generation

Amy’s primary lead-gen method is to run Facebook ads that push people toward her free “masterclasses” — of which she has several. 

For our purposes, we subscribed to her free masterclass on “How to Create and Launch a Profitable Digital Course from Scratch” — a webinar lead-magnet that drove attendees toward joining Digital Course Academy.

Pre-Masterclass Sequence

When someone opts in to Amy’s upcoming free masterclass, her goal over the next few days or weeks is to get that person to attend the webinar live. 

These emails attempt to build excitement and anticipation for the upcoming event. For example…

Here’s an overview of Amy’s pre-masterclass sequence… 

  • First Email – Upon Signup
    • Warm Welcome & Attendance Details
    • Description of What They’ll Learn in the Masterclass
    • CTA to Add the Masterclass to Their Calendar
    • Reminder About Free Additional Gift If They Attend
  • Second Email – One Day After Signup
    • Sneak Peek of Private Community Conversations
    • CTA to Join Private Community for Free
  • Third Email – One Day After Signup
    • Sneak Peek of the Most Important Lesson to Be Taught in the Masterclass
    • Proven Examples That Your Methods Will Work (Case Studies)
    • CTA Reminder to Mark Your Calendar
  • Fourth Email – One Day Before Masterclass
    • Build Excitement for Tomorrow’s Masterclass.
    • Describe the Two Options That the Recipient Has and What Will Result from Those Decisions… 
      • Attend
      • Don’t Attend
    • Make Clear Which Choice Is the Beneficial One and Why. 
    • CTA to Prepare for Masterclass
  • Fifth Email – Day Of Masterclass
    • Describe How You’re Feeling About the Upcoming Masterclass
    • Remind the Recipient Why They Should Attend and What They Will Gain by Doing So
    • “This is for you if…”
      • List Out Qualities of Your Target Audience
    • Promise to Show up Fully for Your Audience
    • CTA to Join at the Allotted Time
    • CTA to Invite Friends to the Masterclass
  • Sixth Email – One Hour Before Masterclass
    • CTA to Prepare for the Masterclass
      • Include All Necessary Links
    • Address Primary Objection: “I’m too busy”
      • Offer Additional Gift for Showing up Live
    • Explain What the Person Will Learn on the Masterclass
    • CTA to Join at the Allotted Time
  • Seventh Email – When Going Live
    • Announcement That You’ve Gone Live
    • CTA to Join
    • Reminder of the Free Gift the Recipient Will Get by Joining

Post-Masterclass Sequence

Now let’s take a look at Amy’s post-masterclass email sequence. 

As a reminder, her Masterclass aimed to sell — much like a webinar would — her sign-ups for her Digital Course Academy. So many of the post-masterclass emails focus on doing just that. 

Here’s the overview…

  • First Email – Immediately After Live Masterclass
    • Share Exciting Comments Received During The Masterclass
    • CTA To Watch The Replay
    • Address “What if…” objections
    • CTA to Digital Course Academy
    • List What People Will Get By Signing Up For Digital Course Academy
    • Mention Free Bonus For Signing Up By Deadline
    • Final CTA to Join Digital Course Academy
  • Second Email – One Day After Masterclass
    • List Remaining Objections
    • Use Past Clients Results to Address Objections
    • Explain How These People Are Just Like the Audience — Same Fears, Worries, and Concerns
    • CTA to Join Facebook Live Where She’ll Share Case Studies
  • Third Email – When Facebook Live Video Starts
    • Review Content of Facebook Live Video
    • CTA to Come Join
    • Hint at Special Gift for Attendees
  • Fourth Email – Immediately After Facebook Live Video
    • Address Objection: “There’s never enough time.”
    • Explain How Course Makes Implementation Fast
    • Provide Additional Bonus for People Who Sign Up
    • Testimonials
    • CTA to Sign Up
  • Fifth Email – One Day After Facebook Live Video
    • Create Excitement for Free Bonus
      • List What’s Inside
      • Create Authority
      • Testimonial
    • Countdown Timer on Bonus to Create Urgency
    • CTA to Sign up for Digital Course Academy
  • Sixth Email – Day That Free Bonus Expires
    • CTA To Sign Up Before Bonus Expires
    • List Of What Bonus Includes
    • Countdown Timer
    • Final CTA
  • Seventh Email – Day That Free Bonus Expires
    • Explain Topic
    • CTA to Video “Pep Talk”
      • (Video Encourages Purchases)
  • Eighth Email – Day That Free Bonus Expires
    • Introduce & Offer Payment Plan Option
    • Show Empathy for the Person’s Doubts
    • CTA to Sign Up
    • P.S. Mentioning a Brand New Free Bonus
  • Ninth Email – Day That Free Bonus & DCA Expires
    • Message for People Who Are Still on the Fence
    • List of Benefit for Signing Up
    • Countdown Timer
    • CTA to Sign Up
  • Tenth Email – Two Days After Doors Have Closed
    • Explain That It’s Okay That They Decided Not to Purchase DCA
      • Empathy, Empathy, Empathy
    • CTA to One-Question Survey About What They Decided Not to Sign Up

Final Thoughts

Amy Porterfield is an excellent marketer. 

She knows how to build an authentic connection with her audience. She knows how to get people excited — her passion is contagious! And she knows how to sell. 

Course creators have a lot to learn from the sequences she sends. 

In fact, you could take inspiration from her emails (and the formats outlined above) and easily adapt your own similar email sequences to get attendance for your webinar and make course sales afterward. 

Check out our full teardown over here at LearnWorlds.

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    The Amy Porterfield Teardown [Condensed]

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