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The Anatomy of a High-Performing Email

This is part 1 of a 3 part series on The Anatomy of a High-Performing Email .

What is a high-performing email?

A high-performing email is an email that accomplishes the goal for which it was sent. If, for instance, you’re sending out an abandoned cart email, that email would be classified as high performing if it accomplished the goal of getting recipients to complete their purchase. The email might have a high open-rate, and a great click-through rate, but the real thing we want to look at to determine whether an email is high performing or not is the end-goal. Did the email accomplish what you wanted it to accomplish? Did people buy? Did people read your article? Did people fill out your survey?

Because, in the end, an email can have healthy metrics, but if it didn’t accomplish the goal for which you sent it, then it wasn’t a success, was it?

Now, what does a high-performing email look like? What are some examples? And how can you consistently craft winners? Check out the next sections to find out. First, we’ll talk about the copy of your emails, and then we’ll talk about the design.

Note: Whenever we’re talking about sending high-performing emails, optimizing your emails for conversion, getting more clicks, opens, and engagements… it’s important to remember that the relationship between you and your subscribers should always come first. While optimizing your email campaigns to perform is critical, you should never try to be deceptive or manipulative to make a quick sale. Always take the relationship into consideration; that’s what will give you long-term success.

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