The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing
9 chapters

So, you want to learn about email marketing?

Learn to Choose Your Tools, Build Your List, Monetize Your Subscribers

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9 chapters
Introduction 2 min

So, you want to learn about email marketing… Not for some arbitrary reason, but because you know the impact that email marketing (done right) can have on your business. You’ve already seen the power of it used on your own inbox by other email marketers and brands who consistently surprise a...

Chapter 1: Why Email Marketing? 3 min

Let’s jump right into the crux of it. Is email marketing dead? From personal experience, it doesn’t take a therapist to point out that you ignore at least 50% of the emails that beg for your attention every single day. Some of you probably even have an unopened email count sitting in the...

Chapter 2 – How to Get Legal Permission from your Em... 4 min

Perhaps the quickest and most sure-fire way to obliterate your relationship with your audience is by emailing them without permission. Ever had someone crash your dinner party without a formal invite? (I have) Let me tell you: It’s weird. It's intrusive. That’s how it feels (to a less...

Chapter 3 – How to Select the Right Email Marketing ... 10 min

You want to start off on the right foot. You don’t want to get 6 months down the road with your email list and discover, “Hey, I can’t even use my email service provider to build a drip sequence.” Then, scrambling through an email provider change with your existing list, you lose momentum. ...

Chapter 4 – How to Grow your Email List (The Right Way) 14 min

Successful email marketing depends upon, well… having a list. If you don’t have a list of people who’ve willingly given you their email address, then you don’t have anyone to send content to, you don’t have anyone to build a relationship with, and you (most importantly) don’t have anyone to se...

Chapter 5 – 6 Types of Email Marketing Campaigns for... 8 min

Now, you have an email list. Maybe you have several hundred subscribers or maybe you have several thousand. Whatever the case, your follow-up questions are clear: What do I send them? How do I build a relationship with them? And ultimately, How do I monetize them? Those ar...

Chapter 6 – Understanding and Tracking Mission-Criti... 10 min

You’ve heard it before. The mantra that’s so cliche and repetitive that it verges on annoying. “Data is king.” But in the world of email marketing, nothing quite reveals how engaging you are, how impactful you are, how profitable you are like the data does. Of course...

Chapter 7 – Tips for Increasing your Open Rate and C... 14 min

Two of the most important metrics that you’ll track on your email marketing journey are open rate and click-through rate. Think about it -- if your subscribers never open your emails, if they never click to look at your content or your special offers, then you’re sending email for no reason. ...

Chapter 8 – Test, Optimize & Repeat 5 min

Throughout this e-book, we’ve given you a lot of tips. Tips about growing your email list, segmenting that list, and increasing your open and click-through rate. But here’s the thing: those tips won’t work for all of you. Some of you will try to use polite language in your subject lines and...